The funniest justice

It’s official: Justice Antonin Scalia is the funniest jurist on the nation’s highest court so far this term.

A review by DC Dicta of official oral argument transcripts revealed that Scalia is the justice cracking ’em up the most during verbal exchanges in the hallowed halls.

While this revelation will surprise no one who has witnessed oral arguments before the Court, the next one might: right on Scalia’s heels in the funny race is the Chief Justice himself, John G. Roberts, Jr.

According to the official records, Scalia has spurred laughter from the crowd five times so far. Roberts has four times. Justice Stephen Breyer has left them laughing three times, while Justices David Souter and John Paul Stevens have each made two funnies. Justice Anthony Kennedy has made one amusing comment. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has yet to cause a chuckle and Justice Clarence Thomas has yet to make any comment since the October 2005 term.


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