John G. who?

 Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson probably have a tough time going incognito in most places in this country, yet it seems that Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., could wander the streets freely without being disturbed – even if his name were printed on his shirt.

That’s what a recent survey by the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center revealed.

According to the survey, only one in seven Americans, about 15 percent, can name the Chief Justice of the United States. More than two-thirds, however, can name at least one judge from “American Idol.”

People polled in the survey didn’t seem to know much about how the Court works either. About 70 percent thought a Supreme Court decision could be appealed.

When asked about the effect of a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling, 14 percent thought the ruling would be sent to Congress for reconsideration. Seven percent thought the decision would be remanded to the lower courts, and 34 percent simply had no idea. Less than half knew such a decision became the law of the land.

To combat the lack of knowledge of the high court, the Annenberg Public Policy Center recently distributed books, DVDs and other materials about the Court to 27,000 schools around the country.


One Response to John G. who?

  1. How about televising the Supreme Court like other Courts and Congress = CSPAN.
    The people are also unaware of the secrecy related to the disipline of Federal Judges and of the 3,532 complaints filed in the last five years only four received any action !
    See (Miami Judges inpose secrecy on ethics- rules revision) posted 10-26-07


    Chester Chalupowski

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