Friday morning docket

Time to put the pumpkins away and prepare for next week:

The Supreme Court will hear five cases in the last round of oral arguments before Turkey Day break. Click the case number for a tidy summary case from the folks at

– CSX Transportation v. Georgia State Board of Equalization, 06-1287, deals with whether the Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1976 requires a federal district court determining the “true market value” of railroad property to accept the valuation method chosen by the State. Monday, 10 a.m.

– Department of Revenue of Kentucky v. Davis, 06-666, asks whether a state violates the dormant Commerce Clause by providing an income tax exemption for interest on bonds issued by the state, while denying the exemption to interest on bonds issued by other states. Monday, 11 a.m.

John R. Sand & Gravel Company v. U. S., 06-1164, considers whether the statute of limitations in the Tucker Act limits the subject matter jurisdiction of the Court of Federal Claims, and whether a claim for a permanent physical taking of a portion of real property first accrues upon the government’s temporary exclusion of the property holder from another portion of the property. Tuesday, 10 a.m.

Federal Express Corporation v. Holowecki, 06-1322, involves whether an intake questionnaire submitted to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission qualifies as the charge of discrimination required by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, even if the EEOC did not treat the questionnaire as a charge. Tuesday, 11 a.m.

Hall Street Associates v. Mattel, 06-989, asks whether a federal court can enforce an arbitration agreement that provides for more expansive judicial review of an arbitration award than the narrow standard of review provided for in the Federal Arbitration Act. Wednesday, 10 a.m.

Meanwhile, in other news around the Beltway (and Broadway):

Bush to Senate: No Mukasey, No AG. (Fox News)

Brown: Not sucha heckuva job, Bushie. (Radar

Nancy Pelosi wants to oust the chief of the Consumer Products Safety Commission (WaPo), but at least the chief got lots of frequent flier miles during her tenure. (WaPo)

Justice Scalia likes to keep it on the down low. (The Notre Dame/St. Mary’s Observer)

The de facto moratorium on executions may not be so de facto. (AP)

We would have cast Samuel L. Jackson. (Playbill)


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