Arnold to EPA: I said ‘I’d be baahck’ – with a lawsuit

Saying that he’s tired of waiting for the Environmental Protection Agency to rule on a waiver request for California’s greenhouse gas emissions regulations for cars and automobiles – the toughest state standards to date – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger filed a lawsuit on behalf of the state against the agency in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

In the suit, joined by 14 other states seeking to impose the same standards as the Golden State, California alleges that the EPA has dragged its feet in granting the state a waiver so it can impose stricter greenhouse gas rules on cars and light trucks.

“Our air quality, our health and our environment are too important to delay any longer, and it is not just the people of California who are waiting,” Schwarzenegger said. “Those states that want to follow our lead cannot do so until federal permission is granted.” (For a video of Schwarzenegger’s comments – because the quotes are so much better with the accent – see California’s multimedia press release).

Schwarzenegger had put EPA on notice six months ago – after the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Massachusetts v. EPA [PDF file] – that a lawsuit would be filed if the agency failed to act in a timely fashion.

More on the lawsuit, including links to the complaint, the Federal Clean Air Act standards and more, can be found on Jurist.


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