Friday morning docket

THE SUPREMES: The justices of the Supreme Court will do all of their work inside chambers today and next week. Today they meet in conference, and they have one non-argument session next week. There will be no oral arguments until Nov. 26.


What do you call an attorney general nominee who receives the lowest level of congressional support for confirmation in 50 years? Attorney General. (WaPo).

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke told congress that the subprime mortgage mess spells economic slowdown. Just in time for the holiday season! (WaPo).

Words that will excite almost any lawyer: Free PACER! (WSJ Law Blog)

No override-free presidency for you, Mr. President (AP).

Don’t think the controversy over the nine fired U.S. attorneys is over: contempt charges against Harriet Miers and Joshua Bolton may be coming soon. (White Collar Crime Blog).


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