Stevens reaches milestone of the ages

Today, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens reached a milestone only one other person has ever reached before: He is a sitting Supreme Court justice at the ripe age of 87 years and 210 days.

That makes the bowtied jurist the second-oldest person to ever grace the high court’s bench. To take the top spot, Stevens will have to stay on the bench for nearly three more years and surpass Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., who served until the age of 90.

Justice Roger B. Taney, who served until the age of 87 years, 209 days, is now in third place.

As far as the justices who have spent the longest amount of time on the bench, Stevens – despite being the only remaining Supreme Court appointee of President Gerald Ford – is still only in 10th place. Those who had served longer than Stevens’ 31+ years are Justices William O. Douglas (36 years), John Marshall, Stephen Field, Hugo Black (all served 34 years), John Harlan, William Brennan, William Rehnquist, Joseph Story (all served 33 years) and James Wayne (32 years).

[Source: The Washington Post, citing a forthcoming entry in the Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court and “The Third Branch“]


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