Nino the comic

If Justice Antonin Scalia ever grows weary of being in the judiciary, a second career as a comic could be an option for him according to DC Dicta’s latest survey of official court transcripts, which shows that so far this term Scalia is “The Funniest Justice” by a long shot.

After yesterday’s oral arguments – the last of this month – Scalia has made the crowd in the courtroom laugh a whopping 28 times. Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. is still in second place – now distantly – with 11 laughs.

But there has been some movement in the rankings since last time: Justices David Souter and Stephen Breyer both have eight laughs apiece now, and both have passed Justice John Paul Stevens, who drops from third place to fifth place with six laughs, as he didn’t crack anyone up this month.

Justice Anthony Kennedy has four laughs, Justice Samuel Alito has two, and although DC Dicta swears it heard Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg make two funnies on Tuesday, the official record reflects only one, and that is the number we must use in our nowhere-near-scientific survey.

The ever-silent Justice Clarence Thomas has still not uttered a comment or question this term.


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