Friday morning docket

As the Supreme Court winds down for the holidays, things under the dome of the Capitol building are starting to heat up:

Today the Supreme Court justices meet in a private conference, and they have one non-argument session scheduled for Monday – the last time they will meet in calendar year 2007. The next oral arguments are scheduled for Jan. 7.

Things will be much busier on the other side of the street this month, as lawmakers are scrambling to finish a lot of business before the holidays, including the war funding bill. (AP).

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said there is still much work to do on the energy bill. (CNNMoney)

Meanwhile lawmakers add copyright law reform to their growing to-do list. (CNET)

After President Bush and lenders agree to a plan to freeze some subprime mortgage rates, some are expressing some resentment over the bailout for others. (WaPo)

Justice Antonin Scalia: O.J. did it! (Baltimore Sun’s The Swamp)

Chief Justice John Roberts is bewildering. (WSJ Law Blog)

Attorney General Michael Mukasey paints a rosy picture of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division on its 50th anniversary. (BLT)

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