Supreme tidbits

This morning the U.S. Supreme Court issued 21 GVRs (grant, vacate and remand orders) on certiorari petitions concerning the use of federal sentencing guidelines in light of the decisions this term in Gall v. U.S. and Kimbrough v. U.S., and the decision last term in Rita v. U.S., all of which examined – and expanded – courts’ discretion in handing down criminal sentences outside the guidelines established by the U.S. Sentencing Commission. That brings the GVR tally in sentencing cases this term to over 100. the order list is here [PDF file].

TV’s “Judge Alex” Ferrer was indeed in Court today, listening to the justices and attorneys engage in a surprisingly lively debate over the reach of arbitration agreements in a case arising out of Ferrer’s contract dispute with his former manager.

More on oral arguments in the case of Preston v. Ferrer and also on today’s arguments in Virginia v. Moore – which asks whether evidence obtained during a probable cause stop and search should be excluded where an arrest was illegal under state law – later today on this blog, and tomorrow on Lawyers USA‘s website.


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