Friday morning docket: Always on my mind

Good morning. The U.S. Supreme Court will have a conference session today. Perhaps the justices will consider a plea by Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich and singer-supporter Willie Nelson, who yesterday asked the high court to allow the candidate to participate in the Texas primary without signing the state’s Democratic Party’s oath to support the eventual Democratic nominee. UPDATE: The Court declined to step in. You can see the order here. The Court will then be out of session for a couple of weeks, allowing the justices to get on the road again. The next scheduled oral arguments will take place on Feb. 19.


The Court is considering whether to expand or contract the rights of patent holders. (Reuters)

The nation’s biggest verdicts keep getting smaller. (Lawyers USA)

The desire to beat a fee increase and to vote in this year’s election resulted in a flood of immigration applications last year, and Congress told the White House that it should have seen that coming. (AP via Yahoo! News)

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to Congress and the White House: Feel free to jump in and help here. (WaPo).

House lawmakers condemn assassination of former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. (AFP)

Embattled Idaho Sen. Larry Craig has a new ally in his quest to withdraw his guilty plea: the ACLU! (Minnesota Lawyer Blog)

Remember those income tax rebate checks everyone got back in 2001? President Bush wants to do it again. (AP)

Miguel Tejada to become the next Barry Bonds? (AP via Yahoo! News)


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