Bush announces NLRB nominees

President George W. Bush has submitted his nominees to fill the three vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board – and two of them may face a less-than-easy road to confirmation coming off a rocky year for the agency.

After recent term expirations left the Board operating with only two members, on Friday, the president announced his intention to renominate former Board Chairman Robert Batista, a Republican, to return to the agency’s chief post. Bush is also renominating Democrat Dennis P. Walsh to the Board.

The third nominee will be Republican Gerard Morales, a labor, construction and employment partner at Phoenix firm Snell & Wilmer. He is a former adjunct professor at the University of Arizona College of Law and a former NLRB field attorney.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee which recently called NLRB members to testify before congress to explain some of their decisions, wasted no time in giving his opinion of the two Republican nominees.

“It’s unbelievable that President Bush would renominate Mr. Battista to the Board, after he led the most anti-worker, anti-labor, anti-union Board in its history,” Kennedy said in a statement Friday after Bush made the nomination announcement. “America’s hard-working men and women deserve a Board that will uphold their rights, not undermine them. With these nominations, the Administration has again demonstrated its hostility to fairness and justice in the workplace.”


2 Responses to Bush announces NLRB nominees

  1. Brad Peck says:

    We welcome the President’s decision to nominate individuals so that the NLRB can resume its duties. We remain hopeful that the Senate will consider these nominees and their records in a measured and reasoned way. However, given the Chairman’s early sentiments, we are not holding our breath.


  2. Bill Brown says:

    If what Sen Kennedy says is true about Mr Bautista (And I have to say, this President has repeatedly chosen the most extreme options for his agenda possible) he is genuine wild-eyed partisan. Not someone to help the NLRB “resume its duties” in a “measured and reasoned way.”

    You must be quite disappointed in this nomination.

    Although a total incompetent, say Mr. Brown for FEMA, is also within this President’s nomination plan to build a “top-notch operation” ….. I dont know, you might have been happy with either type of candidate – I guess it depends on your goals for our Country and our government.

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