Monday status conference: Post-Super Bowl edition

Neither the House nor the Senate is in session today (It is the day after the Super Bowl, after all. Though DC Dicta is a Lions fan, we rooted for the Pats. Oh, well.) The Supreme Court is also out this week.

Elsewhere in the District:

An imprisoned attorney, who spends 40 hours a week working for his fellow inmates’ cases, won a cert petition to the U.S. Supreme Court. (AP via ABA Journal)

President Bush unveiled his final spending plan today. It comes with a $3.1 trillion price tag. But he saved 480 trees by delivering the plan to lawmakers and the media in electronic form. (AP)

Antitrust law enforcers at the Justice Department and across the globe will be taking a close look at the possible deal between Yahoo! and Microsoft. But they probably won’t stop it. (WSJ Law Blog, AP)

President Bush name Elisebeth Cook, a former deputy in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Policy, as acting chief of the office. (BLT)


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