Friday morning docket: rebate check edition

The Supreme Court is still in recess, but the House and Senate are in session. Among the items on today’s agenda on Capitol Hill is the proposed Microsoft-Yahoo! merger, which will be discussed at a hearing on the “State of Competition on the Internet” held by the House Anti-Trust Taskforce Subcommittee. More on what’s happening on the Hill today here from the WaPo.


Congressed passed the stimulus package that will send $300, $600, and $1,200 rebate checks to mailboxes across the country. Bush is expected to sign the measure. (NYT)

President Bush and lawmakers are blaming each other for the holdup on 180 nominations, including 28 federal judiciary nominees. (AP)

Such bickering is one possible reason most people don’t like Bush or lawmakers very much, according to a new Associated Press/Ipsos poll. (AP)

Attorney General Michael Mukasey said a DOJ probe of waterboarding is not an option. (WaPo).

Widespread fraud in the legal aid scheme? That’s what a new lawsuit alleges. (WSJ’s Law Blog).


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