Busy morning for the Supremes

It’s barely noon, but it’s already a busy news day at the Supreme Court.

Before hearing oral arguments this morning in cases dealing with federal employees’ rights to seek retaliation claims under the ADEA and the government’s ability to renegotiate long-term contracts with wholesale energy suppliers, the court announced a number of cases it will – and will not – be adding to its docket.

The Court will decide a dispute over a labor union’s use of fees paid by non-union employees to finance the labor organization’s court battles in other states. (Locke v. Karass, No. 07-610.)

It also allowed Montana to file a lawsuit against Wyoming over water rights in two rivers that flow through both states. (Montana v. Wyoming, 137-original)

The Court also agreed to decide whether evidence must be suppressed when an officer makes an arrest based on erroneous information obtained by another officer. (Herring v. U.S., No 07-513)

Justices also agreed to weigh in on whether the right to bring employment discrimination claims in court can be negotiated away in union contracts (14 Penn Plaza v. Pyett, No. 07-581) and take a case involving divorce and pension benefits under ERISA (Kennedy v. DuPont Plan Admin., No. 07-636)

What the Court did not do also made some news.

Two former Alabama assistant football coaches lost their bid for Supreme Court review of their case against the NCAA.

The ACLU lost its bid to challenge the Bush Administation’s wiretapping program before the high court.

The Court also declined to hear a case involving flood insurance payments for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Finally, the Court issued still more GVR orders (Grant, Vacate, Remand) in cases involving sentencing guidelines after their last year’s decisions in the Gall and Kimbrough cases. The complete list of today’s orders can be found on the Court’s website here (PDF file).


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