Friday morning docket: leap day edition

Here’s a look at what is happening on this 2008 bonus day:

The Senate is in session today, but the House is not. The justices of the U.S. Supreme Court meet this morning in a private conference, and if any orders are issued we’ll let you know.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday asked the Justice Department to pursue contempt charges against former White House chief counsel Harriet Miers and chief of staff Josh Bolten for failing to produce documents about the firings of U.S. attorneys. The White House called Pelosi’s request “truly contemptible.” We think the pun was intended. (AP).

The United States hits an all-time high incarceration rate – more than one in every 100 Americans is behind bars. (NYT).

Fighting a disorderly conduct plea isn’t cheap. For Sen. Larry Craig, the legal fees are approaching $250,000. (ABA Journal).

Food and Drug Administration officials said the agency needs more inspectors and a comprehensive computer database to better ensure the safety of products entering the United States. (AP)

The head of the EPA refused to tell lawmakers whether the White House influenced his decision to deny California and 12 other states the right to impose tougher greenhouse gas emissions standards. (AP).

The head of the FTC is stepping down to become vice president and general counsel of Procter & Gamble. (WaPo).


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