Cover blown off Chief Justice’s school visit

Perhaps the Chief Justice of the United States is more popular than we thought, at least in the greater Washington, DC area.

That’s what officials at one local high school found out when they tried to plan a hush-hush visit by Chief Justice John G. Roberts. But somehow word got out – throughout the school community and beyond – and when Roberts arrived to speak to students yesterday, a Washington Post reporter was among the audience members.

According to the WaPo report, Roberts was humble during his chat at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, downplaying his Chief Justice role and saying “just one vote” among nine, part of a “passive” Court that simply decides the cases it’s handed.

There were questions he declined to answer, like when a student asked what he thought the most important case of his tenure was so far, and when a teacher asked if the justices talk about the presidential campaign. He did say that the judiciary wasn’t political. “We’re removed from politics. People don’t vote for us. It’s our job sometimes to do things that are unpopular.”

He also said he tries to get justices who disagree on some issues to come together on others. “I try to keep an eye on the interpersonal relationships.”


One Response to Cover blown off Chief Justice’s school visit

  1. PERRY MASON says:

    Where were you when we needed you, Judge Roberts? Jolton Joe is gone and far away.

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