Monday status conference: Everyone is Irish today

Good morning, and Happy St.Patrick’s Day. You may add an O’ to the beginning of your surname today.

Congress is not in session, as lawmakers spend the next two weeks working from their home districts. The Supreme Court is in session, and oral arguments are underway (check this post for a summary of what is on tap). The Court has already released some cert grants (see below) and expect some decisions this week as well.

Tomorrow the justices will hear arguments in one of the most anticipated cases of the term, which may decide whether handgun bans like the one in Washington, D.C. a run afoul of the Second Amendment. The Washington Post has a preview here, and The New York Times takes a look at the rift the case has caused within the Bush administration. DC Dicta will be at the Court tomorrow and will bring you the highlights afterwards.


This morning the U.S. Supreme Court added eight cases to its docket, granting certs in cases that will consider, among other things, whether the FCC’s rules banning fleeting curse words on airways violate the First Amendment, and whether prosecutors can use crime lab reports as evidence without having the forensic analyst who prepared them testify at trial. (AP) Here is a summary of all of today’s cert grants on SCOTUSBlog.

Congress may be ready to move the give the FDA more resources to police contaminated drugs from overseas. (NYT)

While most lawmakers went home this week, Sen. John McCain is in Iraq, and Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are on the seemingly unending campaign trail. (Bloomberg, AP)

President Bush tries to alleviate fears by assuring Americans that the White House “is on top of” the economic situation. (AP)


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