Monday status conference: Post-Easter edition

Good morning. As you try to figure out some recipes for all those leftover hardboiled eggs (potato salad, anyone?) here’s a look of what’s going on:

Congress is still on a break designed to allow lawmakers to work in their home districts, although Sen. Arlen Specter thinks it’s time for them to come back to Washington. The Supreme Court hears more oral arguments this week (see this post for more). And it’s still Easter at the White House! The annual White House Easter Egg Roll is today!


Here’s a peek at what’s in this week’s issue of Lawyers USA (subscribers can click the links for the full stories):

With a full-fledged recession looming, lawyers should start thinking about how they can shield their practices from a sustained economic downturn. Although experts disagree on whether we are technically in a recession, there’s no doubt that lawyers are beginning to feel the economic pressures their clients have felt for months. More here.

Celebrity cases such as Heath Ledger’s recent death from mixing prescription drugs and Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins receiving an adult dose of a blood thinner only scratch the surface of a growing number of lawsuits over medication errors. More here.

The recent jump in the number of federal discrimination charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the last fiscal year – the largest annual increase since the early 1990s – has employment lawyers urging companies to take a careful look at their workplaces. More here.

A recent case over the herbal supplement Airborne is just one example of the many false advertising class actions being filed across the country. More here.

Elsewhere in the news:

Lawmakers want the Justice Department to investigate the unauthorized searches of the passport files of Sens. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. (NYT).

Sen. Obama has been working hard to woo elite Washington lawyers. (LT)


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