Monday status conference: From the Ten Commandments to the Second Amendment

As Hollywood remembers Charlton Heston as a screen legend, gun rights activists remember him as the face of the gun rights movement, as well as the fire in its belly, the Associated Press writes. His death comes as the nation waits for the Supreme Court to decide what could be the most significant Second Amendment case of this generation: D.C. v. Heller.

Meanwhile, there is a shiny, new issue of Lawyers USA on the stands today. Here’s a peek at what’s inside (subscribers can click the links for more).

A controversial test that is supposed to detect “malingering” is gaining popularity among defense experts in personal injury, workers’ compensation and other cases. More here.

For thousands of hearing-impaired lawyers in the U.S., the trick to practicing law in a hearing world is largely one of technology. But they also say it takes more than machinery to do the job. More here.

They are complicated, they are impersonal, they are unsexy – and most of all they are rare. Intellectual property trials present a variety of challenges for attorneys, not the least of which is explaining a complex issues to twelve men and women off the street. More here.

A new study bolsters one of plaintiffs’ key claims in rollover cases – that weak roofs are the main cause of death and serious injuries in rollover accidents. More here.

In other news:

A backlog is forming on Ohio’s death row while officials wait for the Supreme Court’s ruling in Baze v. Rees. (AP)

The Supreme Court appears to be on the verge of endorsing a doctrine that the FDA should not be second-guessed by courts, The New York Times reports. (NYT)

The Washington Post reports that stalemate over the Federal Election Commission’s nominating process, which already has crippled the agency’s ability to uphold existing campaign laws, is indefinitely delaying the implementation of a new rule designed to shine more light on fundraising by lobbyists for members of Congress and presidential candidates. (WaPo)


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