’60 Minutes’ with Scalia

He is not a fan of the media, but Justice Antonin Scalia will be featured on “60 Minutes” later this month to promote his new book.

The Associated Press reports that Scalia, who once banned broadcast media from covering his acceptance of an award for supporting free speech, has already been interviewed by Lesley Stahl at the Supreme Court.

He will be talking aout his upcoming book “Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges,” co-written by legal writing expert Bryan Garner. And knowing how Scalia is, he’ll probably be talking about other things too – like perhaps his feelings about justices who speak to the news media.

“It has been the tradition of the American judiciary not to thrust themselves into the public eye, where they might come to be regarded as politicians seeking public favor,” he said in an apology to two reporters who were forced to erase their tapes following a Scalia speech in Hattiesburg, Miss.


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