Predicting the next Supreme Court nominee

We know there is a high probability the next president will place at least one justice on the Supreme Court (the bench’s eldest juror, Justice John Paul Stevens, is as spry as ever and shows no signs of retiring. But by the end of the next president’s first term, he will be nearly 93).

The Washingtonian’s Kim Eisler takes a stab at guessing just who the three remaining presidential candidates may nominate to the post if they make into the White House.

What might Sen. John McCain do? He could nominate former Department of Justice official Viet Dinh, who helped push the Patriot Act, Eisler wrote. Or he could give a nod to Solicitor general Paul Clement, who is more than a little acquainted with the Court as Justice’s chief appellate advocate.


What Supreme pick would Sen. Barack Obama make as president? On Eisler’s prediction list is Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, a longtime friend of Obama.

If Sen. Hillary Clinton gets to choose, we may see Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kagan get he nod, Eisler wrote. Kagan clerked for Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Either Clinton or Obama may also look to former solicitor general Seth Waxman, who is now a partner at the Washington office of WilmerHale.

The chatter that erupted a few months back about a possible nomination of William J. Clinton to the high court, should his wife occupy the Oval Office, has died down.

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