Monday status conference: The Supremes, one week only

This week, the Supreme Court will hear the last oral arguments of this term. See this post for more details. Updates on newsworthy decisions, orders or other news can be found here this afternoon.

In the meantime, here’s a peek at some of the stories in this week’s issue of Lawyers USA. Subscribers can click the links following each item to see the whole story:

A Colorado dairy and five of the nation’s biggest retailers have been hit with lawsuits alleging they mislabeled milk as organic so they could charge customers higher prices. The milk fight is being closely watched in the organic food industry as a harbinger of potentially costly legal battles for the hearts and wallets of organic food shoppers. More here.

As a wide-ranging debate about immigration policy continues to rage in the U.S., new data from the EEOC suggest that complaints against employers over “English Only” workplace policies may be on the upswing. More here.

Some lawyers don’t just take work on vacation – they take their colleagues too. Here’s the story of one firm whose partners vacationed together with their families, often going to exotic parts of the world, partly for the pure fun of it and partly as a way to develop a deeper relationship as business partners. More here.

Meanwhile, in other legal news from inside the Beltway:

The patent bill appears to be all but dead. (WSJ)

Lobbyists are finding ways to get around the new ethics law. (NYT)

While Congress continues to debate a permanent measure, President Bush signed a one-week extension of current farm law. (AP)

The Justice Department is taking heat for strategy that may prevent attacks but rarely brings convictions. (WaPo)


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