Ginsburg chats about equal rights and Scalia friendship

Justice Antonin Scalia isn’t the only justice hitting the speaking circuit these past few days the Supreme Court has been dark.

Speaking last weekend at a gathering of attorneys in Alaska, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hit on topics ranging from gender quality to her longtime friendship with Scalia.

“Alaska: Where men are men … and women have not only won the governorship, but a senate seat and the chief justiceship of the Supreme Court,” Ginsburg said to the crowd.

Ginsburg, who said she is close to Scalia and therefore doesn’t let his sometimes “zinging” criticisms get to her, said she’d like to see language added to the Constitution protecting women’s equal rights, even though there is already law in place to guard against discrimination. “It may be largely symbolic, but it’s an important symbol,” Ginsburg said.


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