Mukasey to get mixed reviews at BC?

The head of the Justice Department is usually the most sought-after law school commencement speaker in the country. But in the case of Attorney General Michael Mukasey – who is set to deliver the graduation day address at Boston College School of Law tomorrow – the audience won’t be entirely friendly.

That’s because Mukasey, several weeks after his January invitation to give the commencement speech at the school, was sent an un-invitation by two dozen faculty members who were upset with his refusal to label “waterboarding” as torture.

The professors told Mukasey in the March letter that his “role in the current controversy regarding the legality of waterboarding has made you a symbol of administration policies that conflict with basic principles of international and domestic law, the ideals of Boston College Law School, and the Jesuit principles that underlie Boston College’s educational mission.”

The letter drew national attention, with an editorial writer from the Wall Street Journal calling the move a “discourteous bit of political theater.”

That move came days after the Dean of Boston College Law School, John Garvey, declined to rescind Mukasey’s invitation, but said that the school would no longer bestow the honor of Founder’s Medal to commencement speakers – beginning this year with Mukasey.

All the brouhaha is documented on the school’s website for students,


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