Friday morning docket: Pre-Memorial Day edition

The justices of the Supreme Court met yesterday in conference, so new decisions and orders are on coming – but not until after the Memorial Day weekend. Congress is technically in session today but no meetings or hearings are scheduled. Sen. Edward Kennedy is relaxing and in good spirits on Cape Cod, which everyone sees as a good thing. And Americans are honoring the nation’s fallen soldiers at Washington’s World War II Memorial (pictured) and in other locations this long weekend. (Photo by Rick Latoff)


The House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed former White House adviser Karl Rove as part of its inquiry into the Bush administration’s alleged politically meddling in the Justice Department – allegations that rocked the Department over the last year and led to the resignation of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. (AP)

Meanwhile, the DOJ has a new Criminal Division chief. (BLT)

Congress held a hearing yesterday about the difficulties legal aid practitioners face in providing justice to low-income Americans. It was attended by one lawmaker, and two witnessed testified. (Talk Radio News Service)

So far this term, with 35 cases decided with full opinions, there has been only a single 5-to-4 decision handed down by the Supreme Court. The Times’ Linda Greenhouse explores why. (NYT)

President George W. Bush signed legislation this week designed to protect workers from losing their jobs or being denied health insurance based on DNA testing results that reveal their susceptibility to certain health conditions – and he praised Sen. Kennedy for his work in getting the law passed. (Lawyers USA)

This week a bipartisan majority of the Senate Banking Committee advanced a housing rescue plan earlier this week that would provide federally-backed loans to up to 500,000 struggling homeowners – funded by two of the country’s largest mortgage lenders (Lawyers USA)

For non-profit groups, when the tax man cometh next year, he’s going to want a lot more information about the organizations’ inner workings. (Lawyers USA)


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