Monday status conference: Busy June for Supremes

This Morning the U.S. Supreme Court will hand down some decisions. The Court’s term ends at the end of this month, and ahead of today’s rulings, there are 29 cases left to be decided. That means the justices must hand down an average of almost 8 decisions a week to keep up, so expect a busy month choke-full of rulings. Some of the more high-profiled issue the Court still must decide this month include the constitutionality of Washington, D.C.’s handgun ban and whether the death penalty if cruel and unusual punishment for child rape.

The House and Senate remain quiet today, and over at the White House the saga of “As the McClellan Turns” continues.


Sen. Ted Kennedy will undergo surgery thing morning for treatment for his brain tumor. (WaPo)

The next Washington newsmaker set to release a memoir? Sen. Larry Craig. Whether the airport stall incident will be included remains to be seen. (WaPo’s Capitol Briefing)

A plea deal may be close at hand in the Milberg cane involving class action plaintiff kickbacks. (WSJ via ABA Journal).

The Justice Department has settled a lawsuit against estate agents accused of illegally blocking Internet-based brokers from accessing home listings. (AP)

The Senate Judiciary Committee has advanced a bill designed to improve recruiting and training efforts for attorneys to represent victims of domestic violence. (LUSA)


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