Monday status conference: A hot day for hot opinions?

This morning the Supreme Court is set to release opinions. Will those rulings include a decision on whether DC’s gun ban is constitutional, or a ruling on whether states can impose the death penalty in child rape cases? Tune in after 10 a.m and see.

Meanwhile, as the temperature in Washington DC inches toward 100 degrees today, it feels like it’s BBQ season. And a new report reveals that there is plenty of pork in Congress! (AP)

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, who were forced to sit out some cases this term because of conflict-of-interest issues, have significantly reduced their stock holdings – perhaps in an effort to reduce the number of recusals, their latest financial disclosures show. (AP)

Chief Justice John Roberts also seems aware of the fact that, with only days left in the term, there are still dozens of decisions left undecided. He said he plans to shift some of the Supreme Court’s workload to avoid the annual crush of rulings each June next time around. So it looks like the days when the Court heard oral arguments in only two cases a day in October and November – wrapping up before noon – are gone. (AP)

Democrats in Congress are moving to impose new restrictions on doctor-owned hospitals. (NYT)

In a 12-year case involving a lawsuit by American Indians against the government claiming Washington had cheated them out of profits from land royalties since 1887, a federal judge will begin hearings today to determine how much he thinks the government should pay the Native Americans. (AP)


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