Ken Starr’s new gig: helping Britney?

Kenneth W. Starr, best known as the former Solicitor General and independent counsel whose investigation of former President Bill Clinton introduced the world to Monica Lewinsky, is now taking aim at a new target: Hollywood paparazzi.

According to CNN, Star has been called upon to help California lawmakers clamp down on tabloid photographers they say put celebrities – and the general public – in danger with their guerilla tactics for getting potentially lucrative photos of stars.

Efforts by California officials to fight back against paparazzi – by mandating “safe zones” or other measures – have increased recently after several incidents involving pop singer Britney Spears being excessively pursued by photographers.

Thought Starr is keeping mum on what his role will be – he is “not ready to publicly comment” according to a spokesman at Pepperdine University School of Law, where Starr is dean – some political watchers call his alignment with west coast officials odd.

“The irony is that he was so criticized, so vilified by Hollywood liberals 10 years ago during the Monica Lewinsky impeachment saga,” David Mark, a senior editor at Politico, told CNN. “Now he’s kind of aligned himself with a lot of Malibu residents who probably disagree with him politically.”


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