Friday morning docket: Almost summer vacay edition

Rarely can we predict exactly what the Supreme Court will do during any period of time. But we can authoritatively say that within the next week, the Court will release 10 opinions. That’s all that’s left this term, and next week is the last week before Court’s out for summer. They’ll begin Monday morning at 10 a.m.

Meanwhile, things are heating up across the street under the Capitol dome:

Despite President George W. Bush’s threat of a veto, lawmakers are pushing ahead with a bill aimed at helping the mortgage crisis. (CNNMoney).

The House passed a compromise bill to extend unemployment benefits. (Reuters)

A Congressional ethics panel is examining allegations that two Senate Democrats, including the sponsor of a major housing bill, received preferential loans by troubled mortgage lender Countrywide Financial Corp. (Reuters)

President Bush officially sent the nomination of Gregory Garre for Solicitor General to the Senate. (White House)

Thursday, the Supreme Court put into immediate effect its ruling a week ago on detainees’ legal rights in Boumediene v. Bush. (SCOTUSBlog)


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