Monday status conference: Summer is here

The July 4 holiday is history, meaning the days of summer are really here – and DC Dicta is back. As the thermometer prepares to soar into the 90s in the nation’s capital this week, here is a look at what’s going on:

Washington lawmakers have a pared-down summer to-do list, with a legislative agenda that doesn’t reach for the moon, but still focuses on issues like homeowner foreclosure relief and anti-terrorism surveillance. (AP)

Some physicians are hoping the Senate changes its mind on Medicare cuts. (NYT)

Embattled Alaska lawmaker Rep. Don Young used his campaign spending account for lawyers – not only for himself, but also for his campaign manager. He is currently under investigation for corruption. (AP)

The White House is still unhappy about the Supreme Court’s decision that Guantanamo Bay detainees can seek habeas relief, warning that it could lead to dangerous terrorists being freed onto American streets. (AP)

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel wants to know if the Justice Department improperly favored conservative law school grads over more liberal-leaning, Ivy League job candidates in its hiring practices. (AP)


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