Justice Breyer’s info exposed in data breach

Not even a Supreme Court justice is immune to from potential identify theft risks.

Justice Stephen Breyer is learning that now after some of his confidential information was inadvertently made available to the public in a data breach.

The Washington Post reports that it all started when an employee at a Virginia-based investment company innocently signed on to file-sharing service LimeWire, which allows users to share music, movies and other files. Little did he know, a little glitch in the system allowed the files – which include personal information like names, birthdates and Social Security numbers – of the clients of his firm, Wagner Resource Group, to be viewed by the public. Breyer is among those firm’s 2,000 or so clients.

What’s more, the breach wasn’t noticed until six months later when a reader of the WaPo blog Security Fix found the information, giving the newspaper a big scoop.

Breyer’s spokesperson said the justice had no comment on the breach.

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