Monday status conference: The summer protest edition

After most lawmakers on Capitol Hill recessed and headed to their home districts for the August break on Friday, House Republicans protested the lack of action on the energy bill by staging a “Phantom Session” after the House officially adjourned. Sometimes yelling their frustrations (because microphones were turned off), they occupied the House chamber for nearly five hours. There were no cameras rolling, but the WaPo’s Capitol Briefing has a recap.

Did you miss all the shenanigans Friday? Well you are in luck: about 30 GOP lawmakers vowed to return this morning to continue the recess protest. They say this could go on all week. (Politico)


Blogging for the SEC: Corporations may now sometimes fulfill their federal public disclosure requirements under by posting information on their websites and blogs instead of thirdparty-issued news releases, according to new guidance issued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. (ABA Journal)

High court shout out: Justice Anthony Kennedy supports his former law clerk, embattled 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Chief Judge Alex Kozinski. (National Law Journal)

: A Mexican convicted of murder in Texas has appealed to the US Supreme Court to stay his execution set for Tuesday so lawmakers can enforce an International Court of Justice order to halt his and other Mexicans’ executions. (AFP)

Tougher sentences sought too: A senior federal appeals court judge is citing the case of a D.C. man awaiting sentencing on a drug charge in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to revisit whether judges should give defendants tougher sentences based on conduct that jurors rejected as a basis for conviction. (Washington Times)

Bad economy = more legal malpractice claims: The declining economy is threatening the bottom line of law firms, but it is also creating an increased liability risk for attorneys. Over the last 25 years, each dip in the economy has produced a notable increase in legal malpractice claims. (Lawyers USA)


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