Monday status conference: Go Team (Lawyers) USA!

While you root for Team USA as the athletes compete in Beijing, here’s a look at what’s in this week’s issue of Lawyers USA:

If you build it, the lawsuits will come: Construction litigation has become a booming area of the law as the economy continues its downward spiral. Check this story out today for free!

HRT suits stalled by USSC: Hormone-replacement therapy litigation has stalled while judges await a U.S. Supreme Court ruling next term in a key pharmaceutical product liability case.Trials in Texas, Florida and Alabama have been postponed while judges await the Court’s ruling in Wyeth v. Levine. Subscribers can read more here.

Economy down, malpractice claims up: At the same time the declining economy is threatening the bottom line of law firms, it is also creating an increased liability risk for attorneys.Over the last 25 years, each dip in the economy has produced a notable increase in legal malpractice claims. Subscribers can read more here.

Minding your DNA Ps and Qs: Employers, health insurers and their attorneys must start planning for a new federal law that will force them to protect genetic privacy.The new law imposes privacy and record-keeping restrictions on employers and insurers, who are accustomed to exchanging health care information freely. Subscribers can read more here.

Anything you say on Facebook can and will be used against you: An increasing number of attorneys, both criminal and civil, are using information gleaned from social networking sites to undercut the testimony of opposing witnesses. Subscribers can read more here.

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