Biden calls Court a Supreme campaign issue

Hours before speaking at the Democratic convention last night, vice presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden called the selection of Supreme Court justices a main campaign issue.

“Other than ending the war in Iraq, the single most significant thing that Barack Obama can do – and I hope I’ll be able to he help him – will be to determine who the next members of the Supreme Court are going to be,” Biden told a roundtable of voters yesterday.

Citing life expectancy rates, Biden said the next president could appoint as many as three justices in his first term – appointments that could make a crucial difference on many issues.

“It’s not merely the woman’s right to choose (to have an abortion) which is at stake,” Biden said. “It’s whether or not you are going to be able to have a fair shot at a fair wage. It’s whether or not you are going to able to demand that you are treated equally in every aspect of your life.”


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