Cameras, term limits, and a rotating chief on the Supreme Court?

What might the U.S. Supreme Court look like in the future? An upcoming ABA Journal piece by Richard Brust ponders how changes like cameras in the courtroom, justice term limits, and rotating the chief justice could change the way the high court looks and works.

Although the imaginary picture the article paints of a future Court with mandatory retirement, obligatory circuit riding, and live television coverage of justices who were formerly U.S. senators, governors, and legal practitioners may seem fanciful, they represent real proposals by critics of the current system. The Court, they say, needs to keep up with the times, and that may require a little shakeup in the way it does things.

“The system is no longer working the way it has in American history,” says Northwestern University law professor Steven G. Calabresi in the article. “Given that the amount of power that justices wield is increasing, the issue is a substantial one. The fact is that justices are serving longer and vacancies occur less frequently. So the stakes are higher.”


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