Monday status conference: Busy Columbus Day

It’s a busy Columbus Day week, as Washington lawmakers work to stem the economic crisis while simultaneously campaigning in advance of next month’s elections. Meanwhile the Supreme Court is set to hear more arguments tomorrow.

Preemption takes center Court: Wyeth v. Levine, which has been called the “Mother of all preemption cases” goes before the Supreme Court tomorrow next month – we got a little ahead of ourselves! (WSJ Health Blog)

Programming note: DC Dicta will be at the Court tomorrow, and coverage of the case can be found on this blog and on Lawyers USA‘s website.

Mixing BPA with FDA: In a twist surely to be noted by lawyers in pending BPA litigation, a retired medical supply manufacturer who considers BPA to be “perfectly safe” gave $5 million to the research center headed by the chairman of a Food and Drug Administration panel about to rule on the chemical’s safety. (WaPo).

Too fat for execution? An Ohio death row inmate is appealing his sentence to the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing that lethal injection cannot be successfully – or constitutionally – administered because of his obesity. (AP)

Working on the holiday. House lawmakers are on Capitol Hill today with some of their top economic advisers, just weeks before the elections, to look at ways to head off a recession that many fear is about to grip the United States. (Reuters).

It’s getting’ hot in here: Another casualty of the economic crisis: effort to stem global warming. (AP)


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