Monday status conference: More from the Supremes

Today the U.S. Supreme Court is set to hand down orders from its Friday conference – orders that could include a decision on whether to grant cert in a case that would consider whether the U.S. government can bring cases against defendants seized in massive immigration raids in federal courts. More here from The Washington Post.

Stay tuned to DC Dicta today for updates on any newsworthy orders released by the Court today.

More from the Supremes: Meanwhile, the Supreme Court ruled Friday that the Ohio state GOP did not have standing to bring suit to force the state’s top election official to turn over an electronic database of newly registered voters whose information doesn’t match motor vehicle or Social Security data. The ruling overturns a 6th Circuit decision that would have given the computerized lists to local officials. More background on that ruling here from DC Dicta, and more on the Supreme Court’s order here from AP and here from SCOTUSBlog.

New focus on civil rights-era cases: A new law signed by President George W. Bush this month will direct federal funding to investigations of murders and other unsolved crimes committed during the height of the nation’s civil rights struggles. The law is The Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Act. More here from Lawyers USA.

Stevens in two trials: Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens is set to take the stand again in his own defense today, as his future in the Senate hangs in the balance. More here from AP.

Guide for the next president: Fixing badly-broken legal and justice policies should be at the top of the agenda of the next presidential administration, according to a package of proposals released by the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy. More here from Lawyers USA.

Voter lawsuits: With just over two weeks to go until the election, a dozen lawsuits are pending over the eligibility of thousands of voters across the country. More here from The Washington Post.


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