Former judge still hot under collar about missing ‘$54 million’ pants

If you thought the case of the $54 million missing pants was done, you were wrong.

The former administrative judge who lost his lawsuit against a dry cleaner claiming $54 million in damages for a lost pair of pants despite the cleaners’ “satisfaction guaranteed” sign is, er, pressing on. He’s apparently still pretty steamed. (Sorry).

Yesterday, Roy L. Pearson argued before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in an attempt to revive the suit. “This is not a case about a pair of suit pants,” Pearson argued. “There is an unconditional guarantee”

But the judges on the panel seemed less than eager to accept the argument that an unconditional guarantee, even if breached, should lead to unlimited damages.

“You’ve got to help us figure out what it means,” Judge Phyllis Thompson said. “You haven’t pointed me to a case which reaches a conclusion you would have us reach.”

In another twist, an attorney for the owner of the cleaners said the lost pants have apparently been found. “My clients have his pants, and they’re ready to be picked up by Mr. Pearson,” said attorney Christopher Manning. No word on whether that offer satisfies Pearson.


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