Friday morning docket: the president-elect edition


All eyes are on President-elect Barack Obama this morning as he makes selections for key posts in his new administration, and readies to make his first press conference today to talk about issue number one: the economy.


Who will be the 10th Justice? The selection of solicitor general is one of the most important decisions Obama will make. And again, Elena Kagan’s name is coming up.  More here from USA Today and from The AM Law Daily.

Will an Obama administration be good for law firms? That could be the case if his agenda includes increased banking, healthcare and environmental regulations – spurring the need for attorneys in these fields. More here from Legal Blog Watch.

Lieberman a hot potato: Senate Democrats are trying to figure out what to do with Joe Lieberman, whose chairmanship is in jeopardy after the former Dem touted John McCain and badmouthed Obama during the campaign. More here from The New York Times.

The smoke has settled: The ‘Bong Hits 4 Jesus’ case, which went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court two years ago, has finally ended in a settlement. More here from The Anchorage Daily News.

Uncle Sam wants a chunk of tobacco fund: Department of Justice officials are seeking to get federal income tax from a fund set up for sick smokers as a result of a class action lawsuit. More here from Daily Business Review.

Guantanamo habeas case opens: A judge has convened the first habeas corpus hearing to take place since the Supreme Court ruled last year that detainees had the right to seek the legal relief. More here from The NYT.


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