Friday morning docket: District in transition

domeThe Supreme Court is done with oral arguments for the month, but the justices will meet today to consider what new cases to add to its docket. Orders from that meeting will be posted today or Monday. Meanwhile, members of Congress still don’t know just who will fill a number of seats in the building as super-close races remain undecided. They will know one thing – as Sunday, Barack Obama will no longer be a Senate colleague.


hill2Secretary Clinton? Could this be the new secretary of state? Such an appointment could be a way for President-elect Obama to help heal any remaining rifts in the Democratic Party following the hard-fought presidential primary.  More here from The Washington Post.

Judges enter stage left: Obama’s judicial appointments will likely shift the federal judiciary away from the right. More here from Reuters.

No change in Exxon payout: A federal judge has rejected a seafood company’s request to rewrite a plan for dividing punitive damages to be awarded from the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in a case that went to the Supreme Court last term. More here from AP.

Costing victims an arm and a leg: A recent ruling will put the brakes on most of the federal cases involving stolen human bones and tissue used in medical implants. However, over 500 cases in state court will continue to go forward. More here from Lawyers USA.

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