Monday status conference: Enron, lame ducks, and lawyers for Obama

ussc1The Supreme Court added a number of new cases to its docket Friday – including a case considering whether a West Virginia appellate judge should be able to rule in a case involving his largest campaign contributor, and whether a former Enron official acquitted of some criminal charges may be retried on the counts his jury hung on.

Today the 110th Congress also begins its last session of the term, and the biggest item remaining on lawmakers’ agenda is a potential financial rescue package for U.S. automakers, which is currently stalled on the onramp.


President-elect Barack Obama has selected Gregory Craig to be the top lawyer in the White House. Craig, best known for representing former President Bill Clinton in his impeachment proceedings, will be Obama’s White House counsel, according to the Washington Post. Criag also represented John Hinckley Jr. the Ronald Reagan attempted assassination case, and William Kennedy Smith in his high profile rape trial.

In the case of Craig and a number of Obama transition team legal eagles, there are a lot of familiar faces from the Clinton era. More from Legal Times.

Alcoholic energy drinks such as Sparks are igniting lawsuits by litigants claiming the beverages can mask the effects of alcohol and encourage excessive drinking. More here from Lawyers USA.

Evidence uncovered in connection with former CBS newsman Dan Rather seems to support his claim that GOP operatives had influence over the networks news coverage. More here from the New York Times.


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