Friend of the Court, Scalia hunting mate

scalia1Here’s one straight from the you-can’t-make-this-up file: Justice Antonin Scalia went hunting this weekend with a prominent plaintiffs’ attorney. What’s more, that lawyer just happens to be the author of an amicus brief in the pending case Wyeth v. Levine urging the Court to rule that state court tort claims over FDA-approved drugs are not preempted by federal law.

This little revelation came from the Tex Parte Blog of Texas Lawyer. (HT: Law Blog). Scalia, who was in Texas for a lecture series at Texas Tech University School of Law, joined W. Mark Lanier, who sponsored the lecture, for a little deer hunting. “He’s a big hunter,” Lanier says of Scalia on the blog.  “He’s using this weekend to see if everything is bigger in Texas.”


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