Friday morning docket

mukaseyAttorney General Michael Mukasey is expected to be released today from a hospital, where he was taken last night after collapsing while giving a speech in Washington.

Mukasey was giving what CNN calls a “spirited” speech defending the Bush administration’s legal policies at a Federalist Society event last night when he lost track of his words, began slurring his speech and then collapsed.  An unnamed Justice Department official said there is “no reason” to believe he had a stroke.


New chairman: Rep. John Dingell is out and Rep. Henry Waxman is in as House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman. (NYT)

Decisions, decisions: Sen. Hillary Clinton apparently faces a tough choice: a chairmanship on a Senate committee, or a place in Barack Obama’s cabinet. (NYT)

Life after SG: We now know where former Solicitor General Paul Clement will land: he will rejoin the firm King & Spalding to establish an expanded national appellate practice and a strategic counseling practice.  (ABA Journal)


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