Friday, er, Wednesday morning docket: Early bird edition

bushturkeyDC Dicta will spend this Friday in a tryptophan-induced food coma, so we’ll bring you the docket early.

The more things change, the more they stay the same: Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s senate seat will be temporarily filled by his top aide, and Sen. John McCain said he will run for Senate reelection in 2010. (WaPo, Wapo)

Bigger bailout theory: Meanwhile, the Fed and Treasury plan to lend $800 billion in lending to help stem the financial crisis. (NYT)

Growing docket: The U.S. Supreme Court added two cases to its docket yesterday, but made no action on the pending case questioning the president’s power to indefinitely detain terrorism suspects captured in the U.S. (SCOTUSBlog)

FDIC backs IOLTAs: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation will guarantee all client funds deposited in IOLTA accounts, regardless of the amount. The Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program, established last month, now includes Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts.  (Lawyers USA)

Good news, bad news: While revised Family and Medical Leave Act regulations appear to be a boon for military families, they have come under fire from labor groups due to stiffer rules for other workers. And on the management side, the changes didn’t go as far as many employers would have liked. (Lawyers USA).

Happy Turkey Day!


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