Friday morning docket: Challenges, pleas and jabs

supremeleftThe Supreme Court justices meet today to consider a number of cert petitions – including one arising from lawsuits challenging President-elect Barack Obama’s citizenship and asking the Court to halt certification of some states’ electoral votes. Stay tuned to DC Dicta for updates on any newsworthy cert grants or other orders from the Court.


Plea from the Big Three: After a day of pleading for help from members of the Senate yesterday, executives from Detroit’s automotive companies will make their case before the House today – and the White House will be listening as well. (Reuters)

No fury like a justice scorned? Apparently Justice Samuel Alito hasn’t forgotten Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s tough questioning when he was a senator during Alito’s confirmation hearings. During a speech Alito took a swipe at Biden’s past plagiarism issues. (AP)

Lawyers and generals: A dozen retired generals met with President-elect Barack Obama’s top legal advisers – attorney general pick Eric Holder and incoming White House counsel Greg Craig. The generals pressed their case to overturn some of the Bush administration’s terrorism-fighting policies. (AP)

All good opinions come to those who wait: Attorney General Michael Mukasey said that members of the new administration’s Justice Department team may not gain access to the Bush administration’s most sensitive legal opinions until after the January inauguration. (WaPo).

Death and taxes: A new report by a tax research and advocacy group urges President-elect Barack Obama to revise his plan for reforming the estate tax, saying the plan would be too generous to the wealthy.  (Lawyers USA)


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