Friday morning docket: Bribes and bailout edition

The Supreme Court has wrapped up oral arguments for the month, Congress continues to wrangle over a proposed rescue plan for the U.S. auto industry – a task that may be even harder than it seems – and the president-elect is distancing himself and his team as far away from the governor of Illinois as he can.


Warning issued: The Food and Drug Administration is requiring a boxed warning to highlight the risk of life-threatening infections stemming from the use of Genentech’s psoriasis drug Raptiva. (Lawyers USA)

Not ready for prime time: The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently allowed cameras in its courtroom – a rare move. But don’t expect to see Supreme Court oral arguments on your TV screen any time soon. (AP)

EPA takes ball and goes home: As the Bush administration nears its end, the EPA has decided to give up on ist effort to ease restrictions on pollution from coal-burning power plants. (AP)

More than a bailout: The $14 billion bailout bill currently making its way through the halls of could benefit more than the auto industry – it could benefit federal district judges. (WSJ Law Blog)


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