Monday status conference: Holiday week edition

With the holidays upon us, the week may be a slow one on and around the Hill. But legal news never stops:

Three-star nursing homes? The new rating system thcreated by the federal government to rate nursing facilities is drawing heat from opponents in the industry, who say nursing care can’t be judged the same way hotels or restaurants are. (AP)

New approach to piracy patrol: If you were planning on using illegally-downloaded music as stocking stuffers, there is some good and bad news for you: the good is you probably won’t get sued; the bad is that your ISP may cut you off. Welcome to the new world of copyright protection. (WSJ via ABA Journal)

Work to be waiting for Obama? Sen. Harry Reid wants an economic stimulus bill passed and waiting on the Oval Office desk for Barack Obama as soon as he is inaugurated. But it’s still unclear if that will happen. (Politico’s The Crypt)

Take a vacation – on us you! Some companies, seeking to cut labor costs without layoffs, are nipping and tucking instead. Think four-day workweeks, unpaid vacations and furloughs. (NYT)


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