Biden gets a Supreme zinger in

bidenJust minutes ago, Vice President Joe Biden swore in members of the White House staff. Before doings so, he couldn’t help himself from making a joke:

“My memory is not as good as chief Justice Roberts,” Biden said, indicating he would read the oath to the new appointees instead of attempting to say it by heart as Roberts did with the presidential oath yesterday, to problematic results.

Biden’s quip drew laughs from the new staffers, as well as reporters.

UPDATE: As some tipsters have pointed out to DC Dicta, there was one person in attendance who clearly did not find Biden’s quip funny in the least: President Barack Obama. In this clip you can clearly see Obama grimace and shake his head at Biden’s remark. Obama also gave the vice president a little pat with his hand as if to say: “Just get on with it, Joe.”


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