Monday status conference: Budget and stimulus

capdomeThe Supreme Court continues its four-week vacation, as President Barack Obama and congressional lawmakers continue to wrangle not only over the economic stimulus package, but also the federal budget – something that will require careful negotiation and compromise between both parties.

Meanwhile, as you calculate your winnings from the Cards covering the spread last night, here’s a look at the legal news buzz as this week opens:

Split over Crawford: The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision permitting a worker who was fired after answering questions during an internal sex harassment inquiry to pursue a Title VII claim has the defense and plaintiffs’ bars divided over its impact. (Lawyers USA)

Labor rules reversed: President Barack Obama signed several executive orders reversing several Bush administration labor policies. (Lawyers USA)

Presidential/chief justice smackdown? President Barack Obama and Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. agreed on what law school to go to, but the two see eye to eye on little else – and their differences are most pronounced on the issues of affirmative action and Guantanamo Bay. Will this lead to an ongoing beef? Fox News seems to think so. (Fox News)

DOJ extreme makeover: More than any other federal agency, the Justice Department will undergo a diametric shift from former President Bush’s policies to President Obama’s. (NYT)

Rove date pushed back: The House Judiciary Committee has rescheduled a deposition for former senior White House adviser Karl Rove, ordering him to appear Feb. 23 instead of Monday. (AP)


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