Friday morning docket: The Supremes return

supremeleftWith so much news out of Washington lately, it’s almost hard to believe that Congress and the Supreme Court have technically been in recess. But the justices’ break ends today as they return for a private conference in advance of next week’s oral arguments. They could add more cases to their docket today, and opinions are likely to be handed down next week. Congress also resumes its session next week.

President Barack Obama is back from his first official international trip, where he met with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to discuss free trade issues.


DNA SOS: A newly-released report says that forensic science labs across the country have serious deficiencies and that the reliability of many forensic techniques offered as legal evidence is lacking. (Lawyers USA)

Obama to weigh in on IP law: Obama make In March, we should find out Obama’s view of the constitutionality of the controversial Copyright Act. (Wired’s Threat Level blog)

Un-fixing the books: By stopping accounting gimmicks that make deficit projections look smaller, the budget will appear $2.7 trillion deeper in debt over the next decade, according to administration officials. (NYT)

Safety standard disagreement: As investigators continue to probe the cause of last week’s plane crash in New York state, the FAA and the NTSB don’t see eye to eye on just what the proper safety standard should be for operating turboprop planes in icy conditions. (AP)

RESPA reform: Starting next January, all lenders and mortgage brokers must comply with revisions to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. (Lawyers USA)


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